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Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona A tapa is an appetizer, a piece of food that is served in most bars or restaurants with a drink. The origin of this word is the ancient custom of covering the glasses and glasses of wine in taverns with a piece of bread or a slice of ham, to prevent […]

Hipotecas en España en 2022 +11%

Hipotecas en España en 2022 En 2022 se firmaron 463.614 para viviendas un 11% superior al del 2021, según lel Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) en su estudio sobre las hipotecas firmadas en España en 2022. Pero se produjo una ralentización en diciembre 2022 con solo 30.075 hipotecas, un 9% menos que en el diciembre 2021 y […]

Golden Visa Spain

Golden Visa Spain Golden Visa Spain is a residency by investment program launched in 2013 which offers investors residency in Spain in return for an investment. It’s not a direct route to citizenship. However, if you get your Golden Visa and decide to live in Spain, you might be eligible for citizenship after 10 years. As of […]

Beckham Law Spain

Beckham Law Spain The Spanish tax system has a special regime aimed at attracting foreign talent, through a special tax regime for workers  better known as the Beckham Law Spain. This system allows for new spanish residents to be regulated through the Non-Resident Income Tax (IRPFNR), during the year in which the change of residence takes place and […]

Real Estate Prices 2022 in Spain should go up 10%

The year 2022 has started strong with strong inflation at the price level before the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the end of COVID 19 that has accelerated this. Buyers after being locked out for almost 2 years by COVID now want to buy. The greatest risk for this year is inflation worldwide: it has […]

Room to Rent in Barcelona

Room to rent in Barcelona Barcelona is a student city with around 200,000 young people from all over the world who come there each year. These international students often choose to look for a room to rent in Barcelona in order to share the costs with others and to have a multicultural experience. Sharing a […]

New Homes Construction in Spain -20% in 2020

New Homes Construction in Spain With COVID since March 2020 has generated less residential construction work in Spain: 52,390 homes have been started, 29% less (21,260 less) from January to August in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. In 2018, 64,358 homes were started and in 2019 78 789 according to the Spanish […]

Barcelona the Silicon Valley in Europe

Barcelona the Silicon Valley in Europe We observe that several companies of all kinds, startups and medium and large companies have chosen Barcelona to establish and expand, which is why Barcelona has become like the Silicon Valley in Europe. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the rental price is between 35% that of […]

House Prices in Spain Q2 2020: -6,1%

House price in Spain Q2 2020 The price of second-hand housing in Spain for sale has fallen from 6.1% during the second quarter of 2020, according to the idealistic portal. In annual variation, the decrease is 4.8%. with a price per square meter at 1,650 euros in Spain. But the main buying and selling markets […]

Rental Yield in Spain: 8,2%

Rental Yield in Spain Rental Yields in Spain on properties have gone up during the second quarter of 2020 to stand at 8.2%, according to a study carried out by idealista. Among Spanish cities, Lleida has the highest profitability of housing between April and June (8.7%). Behind are Murcia (8.1%), Huelva (7.3%), Castellón de la […]