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Golden Visa Spain

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Golden Visa Spain

Golden Visa Spain is a residency by investment program launched in 2013 which offers investors residency in Spain in return for an investment. It’s not a direct route to citizenship. However, if you get your Golden Visa and decide to live in Spain, you might be eligible for citizenship after 10 years. As of 2021, the Spanish government had approved over 13,000 Golden Visa Spain, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Golden Visa Spain scheme is available through real estate purchase, capital transfer, or business set up in the country. The minimum investment amount is €500,000 and the stay requirement is only for one day in a year. The other options in terms of capital are: to make a capital transfer of €1 million to a spanish bank account, or to invest a minimum of €1 million in a Spanish Business, or to invest a minimum of €2 million in Spanish Government Bonds.

It takes on avergae six months to obtain Spain Golden Visa after investing. The programme gives residency permits and access to European Union’s borderless travel zone in exchange for investment. Golden visas offer the opportunity to essentially ‘buy’ the right to residency in a country.

The Golden Visa Spain Benefits

Holding a Spain Golden Visa means: It grants you entry into the EU (Schengen area). You can apply for the same permit for your spouse or partner, minor children or of legal age, whom -financially depend on you, including also dependants in the ascending line.

How long does last the Golden Visa Spain?
The Residence Permit you receive via the Golden Visa is valid for two years. You can then renew it indefinitely every two years as long as you have maintained the investment. Second Permit is Valid for Two Years, Third and the rest of the Permits Valid for Five Year each.

Does Europe Golden Visa Program Lead to Spanish Citizenship?

Yes, Golden Visa indirectly leads to spanish citizenship. A Golden Visa is a path to residency in Spain.  Residency is a path to citizenship, provided that you meet the specific naturalization requirements of Spain.

4 requirements to apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years are: 10 years of residing the majority of the year in Spain, DELE A2 Spanish Language test, CCSE Spanish culture test, a clean criminal record from Spain. Spanish passport holders can then visit 190 countries without a visa.

For further information feel free to contact us on +34 930 185 648 or by filling in the contact form. We have properties available for the Golden Visa Program.

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