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Room to Rent in Barcelona

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Room to rent in Barcelona

Barcelona is a student city with around 200,000 young people from all over the world who come there each year. These international students often choose to look for a room to rent in Barcelona in order to share the costs with others and to have a multicultural experience.

Sharing a flat in Barcelona will allow you to have your own room and to share the common areas of the apartment (living room, kitchen, bathroom).

If the person who rents you the room is not the owner (that is to say, it is he who rents the apartment and wants to rent one of his rooms), he must have the written consent of the owner .

The price to be paid for the room can never be higher than that corresponding to the tenant for the total rental of the rented accommodation.

You have the right to require that the formalization of the contract be done in writing, which is recommended in case the person who hires you requests a security deposit, and to try that this deposit is registered.

How to look for a room to rent in Barcelona?

There are a lot of shared apartments for all budgets in Barcelona. It takes a budget of around 450 euros per month for a room with a single bed in the center of Barcelona in an apartment shared with water, electricity, heating, air conditioning if there is one, and internet.

The most sought after areas are the Eixample district and the Gracia district which is very popular with the French.

At Eliore Properties we can help you find a shared room contact us at +34 930 185 648 or by email [email protected]

Movies about rooms to rent in Barcelona

The most famous movie you can’t miss is Cedric Klapisch’s Spanish Inn from 2002 which is up-to-date. The main actor who is 25 years old is leaving France for a year to come and study in Barcelona as part of the Erasmus program where he will live in a shared apartment with 5 other people of different nationalities …

A more recent film from 2015 a French film: The Student and Mr Henri with Claude Brasseur in Paris or a student rents a room with a 79-year-old man widowed for 30 years …

Another example of a roommate between two women in New York is the 2017 film Forget about Nick. A female ex-model has to live with the ex-wife of the agent she works for.


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