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Rental prices in Catalonia: + 10% with an average price of € 12.4 / sqm

Rental prices in Catalonia: + 10% with an average price of € 12.4 / sqm

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According to the latest publication of Fotocasa, on November 2017, the rental price continues to grow at a very strong year-on-year rate, returning to the level of November 2010, the strongest in Spain was 12.9% in Catalonia, and the Spanish community continues to be the most expensive for rentals.

The five most expensive cities in Spain where to rent are in Catalonia. The rental price growth has slowed down to € 15.38 / sqm per month in Barcelona: in September it grew by 7.5% year-on-year, but rose by only 4.1% in October and 3.3% in November given to political problems. The 4 following towns in the ranking are Castelldefels (€ 14.5 / sqm), Gava (€ 14.5 / sqm), Sant Cugat del Valles (€ 14.3 / sqm), Sitges (€ 13.8 / sqm).

The average price of housing for rent in Spain has increased by 1.6% in November, standing at € 8.13 / sqm per month.

In Barcelona, ​​the most expensive district is Ciutat Vella 16.7 € / sqm per month, Sarria Sant Gervasi 16.4 € / sqm per month, Sant Marti 15.7 € / sqm per month, the Eixample at 15.4 € , Grace € 15.03 / sqm per month.

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