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How to get NIE number in Spain?

How to get NIE number in Spain?

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How to Get NIE number in Spain?

Moving to Spain is fantastic, but if you come from abroad, you will need to apply for the foreign identity number (NIE) to work and contribute as a Spanish tax resident or if you have a property in Spain or some economic interest. This document consists of a unique code consisting of a letter, seven digits and a verification code. It is used to identify the person who holds it as a foreign person living in Spain. In this article we explain to you how to get a nie number in Sapin.

How to get a NIE in Spain?

If you are a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland it is possible to reside in Spain without a special permit after 3 months by asking the NIE.

You must make an appointment on the official website of the ministerio de hacienda y administraciones publicas to go to the prefecture or the police station of your city.

To obtain the NIE, you will need to bring your identity card or passport, two photocopies of one of the pieces of ID, a photo, the documents explaining why you are asking for the NIE and an appointment.

You will have to apply for the NIE of non-resident in Spain (valid for 3 months) if you were there for an internship or you continue to reside in France or another European country.

The Spanish resident NIE is for if you want to stay in Spain as a resident and so you can then apply for your resident card.

Documentation needed to renew the NIE

As we have already said, this document needs to be updated from time to time, but the foreign identity number does not change because it issues a unique number each time. Therefore, for it to be effective, it must be reactivated on the expiration date. For this, it is recommended to prepare all documents and to request an appointment in advance.

Thus, to “renew” the NIE in Barcelona or other Spanish cities, you must first gather the NIE documents that we indicate below:

Document EX15 completed, not to mention the address, which is the original request.

Identity card or passport valid according to the nationality of the applicant, both the original and a photocopy.

Written on the grounds that justify the need to reactivate, issued by a person appointed for this purpose (notary, future employer, insurance agent, bank manager, etc.).

Photograph of the size of the license and with a white background.

Affiliation or registration to social security.

Proof of payment of the relevant fee.

Minors must be accompanied by the father, mother or legal guardian, who must also present an original and a copy of their identification.

NIE renovation by physical presence

This document is issued by the DGP or the General Directorate of Police, but the body responsible for granting it is the General State Administration. It can be reactivated in person at the Immigration Office or the Aliens Office.

How to get nie in barcelona?

To reactivate the NIE in Barcelona, ​​you must go to the headquarters or NIE office closest to your current address. In the case of Barcelona, ​​the offices created to handle this document are the Oficina de la Rambla Guipúscoa 76 for foreigners from the community and the office of Passeig de Sant Joan for non-European aliens. For this, you will need to request a pre-appointment for the NIE here and you must follow these steps to do so:

In the available provinces, select the “Barcelona” option.
In the “Procedures available for the selected province” option, choose “US certificates.” and “Accept”.
You will receive a notice “On the next page, we will show you the necessary documents”, click on “Accept”.
Select the “Passport” option, enter your passport number and click “Accept”.
Click on “Request an Appointment” and you will see the address of the office assigned to you.
You can now change the date and time of the previous appointment if the one you have been assigned does not work for you.
To finally confirm the appointment, you must check the box “I want an email to receive my appointment information” and give it the impression of printing a confirmation.
On the day of your appointment, all you have to do is hand over all the documents and wait for the person who is assisting them to check them, agree to make the request and tell you how long it will take for your address e-mail or your e-mail address is registered.
Similarly, since previous appointments in offices may have a waiting list of several months, you can try to transfer all prepared documents directly to an official public registry without an appointment. The official who assists you will then seal the application and send a few documents to the Foreigners Office so that all documents are completed.

Renewal of the NIE at Correos (Spanish Post)

Once you have prepared the documents for the NIE, you can also choose to update your NIE number through the post office. In the same way as in the immigration office or the official public register, you will need to present all documents, including two copies of the EX15 application, in an unsealed envelope at the post office closest to your residence. The papers will be sealed, you will keep a copy of the sealed application and send it directly to the NIE office. To do this, we advise you to do so by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt for more security and efficiency.

If you plan to move to Spain, we can advise you and help you get your NIE in Spain. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts at +34 930 185 648 or by email [email protected]


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