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Guide to International Schools in Barcelona

Guide to International Schools in Barcelona

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Moving abroad is a new experience for anyone especially when you have children. Luckily expats in Barcelona have many international schools to choose from. At Eliore Properties we created for you a guide for International Schools in Barcelona. These schools are mainly located in the north west of Barcelona city something to bear in mind when you will be looking for a property due to the busy traffic in the morning.

In Barcelona there are plenty of schools that teach in English and Spanish and also if you want it to Catalan. Your child can become bilingual or trilingual. These international schools lead towards the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Spanish Baccalaureate.

If you want to keep your child in a native education system, the main ones represented in Barcelona are:  the US, British, French, Italian, Swiss and German education systems. In these schools there are usually multinational families and Spanish families who are looking for an international educational system instead of a local one.

We have listed below the main international schools of Barcelona per foreign native country:

US International Schools in Barcelona

The American School of Barcelona: ASB in Ciudad Diagonal

This school is located close to Pedralbes area in Esplugues de llobregat on 15 000 square meters of land . The language of instruction is english, with around 765 students and 110 staff members. Students here are from 3 years old with Preschool PK3 to Grade 12 at eighteen years old. ASB allows students to graduate with an American diploma. ASB also offers the the option to prepare the International Baccalaureat Diploma with a pass rate of 94% in 2018.
Contact: C/Jaume Balmes 7, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat Tel. +34 93 371 4016

Benjamin Franklin International School: BFIS in Sarria

BFIS is located in upper Barcelona provides education from Nursery (3 years old) to Grade 12 (18 years old) to approximately 689 students from over 52 different nationalities. American curriculum school is a college preparatory education, primarily taught in English, proving learning support and foreign language programs. According to the school a third of the children are Spanish, a third American and a third other nationalities. There are three divisions – Elementary School (nursery – Grade 5), Middle School (grade 6-8) and High School (grade 9 -12). BFIS offers three diploma programs: American High School Diploma, Spanish Baccalaureate Diploma and International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Contact: C/Martorell i Peña 9, 08017 Barcelona Tel. +34 93 434 238 [email protected]

ES International School Barcelona Campus: Castelldefels

ES International School is located in Castelldefels area, it was created in 1999 and offers three academic levels: Elementary, Middle, and High School programs from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Their courses are within the framework of the American educational system and offer a lot of sports.
Contact: Autovía de Castelldefels C-31, km 191 El Prat de Llobregat. Tel. +34 93 479 1611 [email protected]

Gresol International American School: 35 kms from Barcelona in Terrassa

A private coeducational day school, following an International-American curriculum, for students from three to eighteen years of age. English is the main medium of teaching and students graduate trilingual.
Contact: Ctra. Sabadell a Matadepera (BV-1248) km. 6, 08227 Terrassa, Barcelona Tel. +34 937 870 15 [email protected]

StPatrick’s Preschool: 5 kms from Barcelona in Sant Joan d’Espi

Pre-school in english from 0 to 6 years old managed by Gemma Izquierdo.
Contact: Carrer Major, 37-39, 08970, Sant Joan Despí Tel. +34 697 703 505 [email protected]

British International Schools in Barcelona

 British School of Barcelona: BSB in Castelldefels

The British School of Barcelona founded in 1958 has around 1300 students it is the biggest anglo-saxon school in Barcelona. This multinational school follows the English National Curriculum and is fully accredited by the British and Spanish Governments. There are three campuses: a school in Sitges, a school and an international pre-university centre in in Castelldefels. The school goes from nursery 3 years old to 18.
Contact:  Carrer de la Ginesta, 26, 08860 Castelldefels. Tel. +34 936 651 584

International School of Catalunya: 44 kms north east of Barcelona in La Garriga 

ISCAT, this international school is accredited by the British International School and offers the National Curriculum of England and Wales from Early Years through to Key Stage 5. It offers education from primary to secondary. They offer students to pass SATs, iGCSEs and International A-Levels.
Contact: Carrer Manuel Raspall, 6-8, La Garriga. Tel: +34 93 841 4077

Kensington School in Barcelona Pedralbes

The Kensington School follows the UK curriculum, which has a pre-school for ages three to six and Spanish is taught from the age of seven in primary school. This private school is fully authorized and regularly visited by Her Majesty’s.
Contact: C/ Cavallers 31-33 Tel. +34 93 203 5457

Oak House School in Barcelona Sarria

Oak House School international school uses new technologies to help teaching. During primary years, it is a British school, teaching in English and then in secondary years, Oak House offers a trilingual education (English, Catalan and Spanish).
Contact: Sant Pere Claver 12-18, Barcelona, Tel. +34 932 524 020

St George’s British School in Barcelona Sarria

A coeducational Primary and Secondary school for children aged 2-18. St George’s has a high reputation for high educational standards. They support the individual and moreover,  they offer a wide range of extra curricular activities. The school offers British examinations as well as Spanish.
Contact: Carrer de l’Esperança, 13 Tel. +34 931 293 024

The Olive Tree School: 45 kms south of Barcelona in Sant Pere de Ribes

The Olive Tree School was created in 2011 and has around 130 students . From ages 3-16, students can enjoy personalised learning following the English curriculum. The school offers iGCSEs. This school only admits English native speakers.
Contact: Calle Modistes 8, esquina Rambla de Garraf, Sant Pere de Ribes  Tel. + 34 93 188 62 15 

French International Schools in Barcelona

Bon Soleil in Gava

Contact: Camí de la Pava, nº 15, GAVÀ 08850, Barcelona, Spain Téléphone: +34 936 331 358

Collège Ferdinand de Lesseps in Barcelona

Collège Ferdinand de Lesseps, founded by Ferdinand de Lesseps, is the oldest French school in Spain. Following the French education system, the school is for children from the age of three and is accredited by the AEFE (the association of French schools abroad). The school is divided into two campuses on C/Valencia and Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes. There are approx. 460 pupils of which 54 percent are French.
Contact: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 707 Tel. +34 932 321 612

Ecole Bel Aire 45 kms from Barcelona in Sant Pere de Ribes

Contact: Ctra C – 246 Km 42 Vilanoveta, 08812 Sant Pere de Ribe Tel.   +34 938 962 267

Lycée Français de Barcelone in Barcelona Pedralbes

Created in 1924, it has around 2500 students from nursery to the french baccalaureat. The school aims to help with cultural links between Spain and France.  All levels are taught in French with Spanish, Catalan and English.
Contact: C/ Bosch i Gimpera 6-10, 08034 Barcelona, Tel +34 932 037 950

Italian International Schools in Barcelona

Istituto Italiano Statale Comprensivo di Barcelona

The Italian public school is dedicating to education six to eighteen years old, teaching is all in Italian, Spanish, Catalan and English are foreign languages.
Contact: Pje. Mendez Vigo 8, 08009 Barcelona,  Tel. +34 934 874 665

 Swiss International School in Barcelona

Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

Escuela Suiza de Barcelona accepts children of all nationalities from the age of three to eighteen. The school follows the Swiss curriculum and teaching is in German with Spanish as a second language. The teaching staff are half german speaking and the other half Spanish. Swiss and Spanish diplomas can be passed by students.
Contact: Calle Alfons XII 99, 08021 Barcelona, Tel. +34 932 096 544

Zurich Schule in Barcelona Pedralbes

The Zurich Schule offers an education in German, and Spanish,  also some Catalan and English, from the age of three to 18.
Contact: Av Pearson 73, 08034 Barcelona Tel. +34 932 037 600

German International Schools in Barcelona

Deutsche Schule Barcelona
Contact: Avda. Jacinto Esteva Fontanet, 105, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat Tel. +34 933 718 300

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