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Barcelona Meeting Point report from Eliore Properties

Barcelona Meeting Point report from Eliore Properties

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From the 25th to the 28th of october Eliore Properties became a part of the most important real estate event of Spain, Barcelona Meeting Point. The first Meeting Point took a place in 1997 and became a must-go fair for both, national and international real estate professionals.

This year Barcelona Meeting Point assembled together 265 companies representing 16 countries, and created a great atmosphere to share experience and ideas. One of the most important topics covered by participants was Sustainability of construction and it’s very close to us as a real estate development company.

The challenge to create “healthy spaces” in big towns will always exist, and the mission of us as real estate and construction professionals is to create the healthiest residential properties possible no matter how much efforts it will take.

Another important topic covered on the Meeting Point was Digitalization of the market in general and the benefits of technologies to the home owners. A very interesting fact is that even few years ago, the concept of Home Automation Systems and Aerothermy seemed like something from the future. Ant it’s impressive that today we can not only discuss it, but also observe the advantages given us by these technologies.

Let’s take as an example Casa Parellades development. It makes total difference to be able to switch on the heating while you’re staying in a traffic jam, instead of coming to a dark and cold apartment. Or to open your electric shutters without even getting of your bed.

A lot of way to improve the industry and clients’ experience are about to be discovered. And we look forward to a new exciting real estate market of 2019.

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