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Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

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Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

A tapa is an appetizer, a piece of food that is served in most bars or restaurants with a drink. The origin of this word is the ancient custom of covering the glasses and glasses of wine in taverns with a piece of bread or a slice of ham, to prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering. We have selected the best tapas bars in Barcelona:

Vinitus La Flauta Ciutat Comtal Cerveseria Catalana

La Flauta group tapas bars are located in the safe area of Eixample, it serves some of the freshest tapas in Barcelona due to the volume of customers they have with efficient service, no reservation is necessary but it is better to come early. This group has 6 locations:
Addresses: 2 Vinitus (Consell de Cent 333, Carrer Arago 282), 2 La Flauta (Carrer Aribau 23, Rambla de Catalunya 91), 1 Ciutat Comtal (Rambla de Catalunya 18), 1 Cerveseria Catalana (Carrer de Mallorca 236). Website:

Cal Pep

Cal Pep has been one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona since 1989 with its chef Joseph Pep Manubens Figueres. It is located in the Born.
Address: Plaça de les Olles 8. Tel: +34 933 107 961 Web:

Paco Meralgo

Paco Meralgo is a pun on eating something: a cozy tapas bar with quality products including patatas bravas, tuna salad with tomato and onion, or “Obama” cuttlefish croquettes.
Address: Carrer de Muntaner 171, 08036 Barcelona. Phone: +34 934 309 027. Web:


Cañete is a brilliant tapas bar and always packed to the brim with hungry people, it has deservedly upheld its reputation as a local venue. The ingredients are fresh including oysters, razor clams, tuna tartare, burrata with tomato and pesto, Galician scallops, Santa Pau beans stewed with cuttlefish and grilled Iberian loin.
Address: Carrer de la Unió 17. Tel: +34 932 703 458 Web:


Viana offers various tapas as dishes rather than tapas in the Gothic Quarter.
Address: Carrer del Vidre 7, and Carrer dels Escudellers 24. Web:

Anita Flow

Anita Flow Inspired by the happy, energetic and vibrant woman of the same name, it is also imbued with some of her core values.
Address: Carrer Consell de Cent 413. Tel: +34 935 045 704. Web:

La Vinateria del Call

La Vinateria del Call is a typical gourmet tapa taverna bar with a wine list of 150 wines in the Gotico since 1982 a more affordable option to try various tapas.
Address: Carrer de Salomo Ben Adret 9. Tel: +34 933 026 092. Web:

Pla B

Pla B is a tapas bar in the Gotico with a menu.
Address: Carrer de Bellafila 5, 08002 Barcelona. Tel: +34 934 126 552. Web:

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